I write my viewer with picture & text support.
And referrence by NOKIA sample "RTX".

I have 2 question:

1. When my picture size is over the font size, the CEikRichTextEditor can not display correctly! I can not scrolling smoothly, and go to end of text. It seems that the words be cut off!

2. When I use MoveCursorL() to page up/down with TCursorPosition::EFPageUp/EFPagueDown, I can page down to end, but the scroll bar is display inorrectly!

somebody help me please!!

my resource definition:
RESOURCE RTXTED r_output_view_rtexted
numlines = 100;
textlimit= 512;
fontcontrolflags = EGulFontControlAll;
fontnameflags = EGulAllFonts;
default_input_mode = EAknEditorNullInputMode;
flags = EEikEdwinAllowPictures|
avkon_flags = EAknEditorFlagEnableScrollBars;