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    Playing Amr file in MMS

    I have downloaded and installed the following:
    1)MMS Java Library version 1.1
    2)Sample MMS Creation - 2-Slide Message with SMIL Part
    3) MMSC EAIF Emulator (1.37M)
    4)Nokia 7210 Content Authoring SDK 1.0 (17.7M)
    Followed all the steps as per the guide.
    The example works perfectly fine with the emulator except for .amr files.The handset 7210 doesn't recognize the .amr file and gives the message object format not supported.

    i download nokia multimedia converter for converting .wav files to .amr files.But when i open the application that is nokia multimedia converter i get a dialog box prompting that
    MultimediaConverter.dll is missing..

    Also when i run the emulator application...at times i get the assertion failure error.

    Can you please suggest me a solution at the earliest.

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    Nokia 7210 does not support AMR. You should use Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 SDK Beta for AMR testing.

    Multimedia converter can be used only Windows 2000 environment. There are some tricks how to run it on XP, have look to some of the older postings.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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