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    using syncML in synchronzing data bet server and clients

    we're being asked to develop a mobile academic planner. it has an integrated platform for managing a calendar, e-mails etc, and has a web-browser interface. Our problem is we are also asked to use syncML to synchronize the data between the server and the client, how can this be done?

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    RE: using syncML in synchronzing data bet server and clients

    There are certain servers like that provided by Starfish and FusionOne who have implemented the SyncML standard in their server. However it is upto you to use what is already available or to develop something from the scratch.
    It is also to be noted that ever terminal is not supporting SyncML at the moment. So please review your ideas before making any investment of time and money in it.
    Please visit www.syncml.org to learn more about technology itself which may give you an idea about implementing it on your server.
    Hope this helps a bit.


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