I'm building an application for vanilla Windows CE 3.0 (not a PocketPC version). I am using RasDial() to establish a GPRS connection.

If I set the RAS phonebook entry to "Manual Dial", run my application which calls RasDial() on it, and then enter ATDT*99# when RAS presents the manual dial dialog, the device connects just fine.

If I set the RAS phonebook entry so that it is not Manual Dial and set the phone number to *99# and run the same application, RAS fails to connect with error 678.

It appears as though RAS is not constructing the correct dial string.

I have examined the registry values for the D311 device under the HKLM\Drivers\... key, and not many are specified. What should the D311's branch of that portion of the registry look like?

I can't find a way to get a log of strings RAS is sending to the modem. Do you know of a way?

Can the D311 recall the last number on which a dial was attempted?

I feel if I can just discover what RAS is sending to the modem, I can correct whatever is incorrect in the registry or in the device configuration.