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    I have the imported the package javax.microedition.io.* . I compile using the default emulator, nokia_7210_MIDP_SDK_V1_0. It gives me an error -- cannot import CommConnection. The same program works in the J2ME emulator provided by Sun Microsystems. Why Does CommConnection not work?

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    The CommConnection available only in MIDP 2.0 and that is just an option, only HttpConnection and HttpsConnection are mandatory.
    7210 is only MIDP 1.0 device, and as I know no Nokia device exist that implements CommConnection.

    Maybe you can check if a device implements CommConnection with system property or simple open it with Connector and handle ConnectionNotFoundException.

    quote from MIDP 2.0 javax.microedition.io API doc
    The valid identifiers for a particular device and OS can be queried through the method System.getProperty() using the key "microedition.commports". A comma separated list of ports is returned which can be combined with a comm: prefix as the URL string to be used to open a serial port connection.

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