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    Detect type of call WML/XHTML


    i already know how to find out via the "accept" header, whether a phone supports xhtml.
    My problem is as follows.
    The Nokia 6230 supports WML and XHTML, thus the accept header contains, both "text/vnd.wap.wml" and "application/xhtml+xml".
    How do i know what was used to invoke my application?
    Did the user come via a WAP Gateway (port 9201 or 92039 or did he access my site via http/https (port 80 / 443)?
    I would asume if the user came via a WAP Gateway and i'm sending back xhtml, the gateway would produce an encoding error?

    thanks in advance for your help.


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    Hi Hwahrmann,
    There s no pb linked to the passage or not of xhtml mp content throught the gateway. All content that is not wml are not treated the same way.
    So, i think the only thing you have to care about in that case is the language acceptance.
    (There re security differences but not involving the language part)


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