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    I have big confusion in modules in Symbian layered communication implementation. I think that

    PRT modules implements protocols
    MTM modules implements messaging
    TSY modules implements telephony functionality
    CSY modules implements some driver speciific configurations like
    IR or serial port configuration..

    When I search through EPOC directories I found couple of ".tsy" files like gsmbsc.tsy (implements GSM func?), gprstsy.tsy (GPRS?), hayes.tsy (no idea??), phonetsy.tsy(??). Which module I will use for

    a) dialup connection to Internet from emulator
    b) connection to Internet through local network
    c) connection to Internet through GPRS connection?

    Is there any good document?

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    I don't think you need a TSY for nay of the things you mention. You only need a TSY if you want your program to make or accept a call. GPRS as far as I know does not require a TSY or CSY for that matter. CSY plugins are used only when you want to access special functionallity of your phone such as IR, Bluetooth or serial port access....

    Regards, Aljaz

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