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    J2ME HTTP error trying to post from 7610-- SymbianOS error -18

    Using code that works fine on the 3650 and 6600, we are trying to perform an HTTP Post on the Nokia 7610.

    The access point we are using works fine for web access, so I don't believe access point configuration is the problem.

    The call to OutputStream.close() (in which the bytes from write() are actually sent) results in a java.io.IOException: SymbianOS error -18. This is a "KErrNotReady," but that doesn't reveal much.

    Had anyone had success (or similar failure) posting data from the Nokia 7610.

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    also socket failure in Symbian

    We have also seen socket code in Symbian/C++ that fails on the 7610 where it succeeded on other Series 60 devices.

    Specifically, a call to

    RHostResolver::GetByName(iDomainName, iNameEntry, iStatus);

    completes with the same KErrNotReady(-18) error. I imagine this is the point where the Java HTTP implementation fails as well.

    So, can anyone report success or failure with Symbian DNS resolution or with Java HTTP on the 7610?

    Perhaps this is a firmware version issue?

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    Re: J2ME HTTP error trying to post from 7610-- SymbianOS error -18

    did u solve this? i have the same on a 6630 is it a permissions problem? i dont have the phone - its a customers. all perfect on my 5300
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