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    Nokia 7610 Device Management Support

    What Device Management Support does the 7610 support?
    Nokia SM v3?
    Nokia OTA v7?
    OMA Client Provisioning 1.1?
    OMA DM 1.1.2?

    If OMA DM 1.1.2, What DM applications?

    Which other Nokia handsets supports OMA DM 1.1.2? 7700?

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    Nokia 7610 Supports following items:

    OMA CP 1.1
    OMA DM 1.1.2

    I don't quite follow: "What DM applications?" All applications that can be configured over OMA CP can be configured using OMA DM as well.

    Other OMA DM 1.1.2 devices are Nokia 6620, Nokia 9500, also Nokia 6630 and all Symbian based devices after that...

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    OMA Device Management Support

    Thanks for this.

    What I mean by 'other applications' is:-
    Firmware Update
    Device Diagnostics
    Backup & Restore


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