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Thread: Pc 2 Sms

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    Pc 2 Sms

    I have developed an application which sends text messages out using a Nokia 3310, but have had problem as the 3310 was never designed for this.

    Basically I'm looking for a phone or GSM modem which I can use to send SMS messages.

    I have looked at the M2M Nokia 30 (£289) but feel this is to costly for just sending out text message.

    Which phone do you recomend i get that has the best possible connections to a pc without great costs (though rembering I can get this on contract, where as I can't with a GSM modem), I need the ability to receive message back again to the pc aswell.

    Or do you think I should go down the GSM modem route. If so what should I use ?

    Talking about 1 message sent every min

    Andre Scotford

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    most GSM phones can send SMS messages and will be sufficient for your application.

    I can't recommend a specific phone right now. I currently use a 6310i which works quite well. I wouldn't use older ones because their connectivity is not so good. I always pick a phone with at least a cable connection, other connections are optional.

    Hope that helps,

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