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Thread: Nokia 30

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    Nokia 30

    1 - Can I connect more than one mobile to a Nokia 30 terminal?

    2 - Or can I connect tree Nokia 30 terminals to a PC or laptop anyhow?

    3 - If I decide to build an application to interact with a mobile connected to a Nokia 30 terminal, which tool or SDK must I adquire and which API does it use?


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    RE: Nokia 30

    1. No, you can use only one terminal at the time.

    2. Yes you can if you have three com ports in your PC. So that each terminal is connected to its own com port. The terminal is connected to the PC via data adapter (accessory device for the Nokia30)

    3. You should get to know the ADK (application development kit). It is the way to get to know application development with Nokia30 terminal and the gateway. More information about it can be found:
    go there and
    - choose "application development" to find more information about it.
    - choose "order nokia m2m application development tools" to order the reguired tools to use ADK.


    M2M developer support team

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