I am a localization manager and I've been looking high and low for some kind of official translated glossary of UI terms for Nokia cell phones.

I've used similar documents from Microsoft in the past. They should contain all standard terms used Nokia phones along with translations for every language supported.

I'm certain that Nokia has developed such terminology lists with their translation vendors. This is a standard localization practice.

Making these available to the development community is of great benefit to the ISVs as well as Nokia. It helps to maintain consistency across applications and OS for all international versions. Furthermore, it makes it possible to author help documents that are consistent with phones and applications.

The workaround is to use an emulator or real phone to check the terminology of the localized version. This, however, is impractical when dealing with translators around the globe. Mostly, translators, often working independently from home, would translate the terms and hope they coincide with what appears in the phone. This will inevitably cause confusion for end users down the road.

I am hoping that a Nokia employee will see this and be able to respond. I would suggest contacting your localization department or localization vendor to obtain copies of translated glossaries.

If anyone else has dealt with this issue I'd really appreciate hearing how you handle the problem.