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    EDIT: figured it out :)

    For those who are curious, I was implementing an image viewer using CPAlbImageViewerBasic using the ImageConverter example on this site as a reference. I couldn't figure out how to get the Album to actually draw on the screen, since the Album's draw method is protected.

    Turns out that you just use the Bitmap() method to retrieve the bitmap and have the parent control's draw method use CWindowGC draw it.

    By the way, does anyone have any suggestions for what class/library I should be looking into if I wanted to implement a "loading" pop-up (sort of like what the Gallery has - it pops up while the image is loading and goes away once it's done)?
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    How about using a wait note?

    I haven't looked at the library u r talking about. But i use wait notes to achieve what u want.

    resource structure for a wait note looks like this -

    RESOURCE DIALOG r_wait_note
    flags = EAknWaitNoteFlags;

    items =
    type = EAknCtNote;
    id = ECmdWaitNote;
    control = AVERELL_NOTE
    layout = EWaitLayout;
    singular_label = "Processing...";
    imagefile = "imagefile.mbm";
    imageid = EMbmAvkonQgn_note_copy;
    imagemask = EMbmAvkonQgn_note_copy_mask;
    animation = R_QGN_GRAF_WAIT_BAR_ANIM;

    Rest is easy - use ExecuteLD(aResourceId) to show it.

    I hope it helped


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    You could just do:

    iViewer = CPAlbImageViewerBasic::NewL(this, Rect());
    iViewer->LoadImageL(tmpFileName, EColor64K);

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