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    N-Gage + MP3 ringtone


    I sent an mp3 file to N-Gage useing infrared connection. When the phone recieved the file the answer was unknown file format.

    According to the specification (http://www.n-gage.com/en-R1/gamedeck/ngage/techspex/) I can use mp3 as ringtone.

    Could you tell me what can be the problem?

    BR: Laszlo

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    MP3 as ringing tone

    Hi Laszlo,

    It is true, that you are able to use MP3 as ringingtones in N-Gage. I wonder how you were able to send anything to N-Gage via infrared, because N-Gage doesn't support infrared.... Are you sure that a) you have N-Gage, b) it was infrared you were using?

    Anyway.... no matter what the transfer technology was, you should be able to send files to terminal by using USB-cable and Nokia tools.

    Best Regards,

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