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    SMS general question: CSmsSettings class


    For sending SMS, Symbian supports "CSmsSettings" class, that is illustrated in the GDSMS example. However, the NokiaCPP documentation says, they are discontinuing this class (as mentioned in the "Detailed list of API Reference omissions" section of nokia C++ help).

    The question is "CSendAs" class which is an alternate to send the SMS, is not perfect, i.e., schedulling of the SMS does not works perfectly.
    So "CSmsSettings" is "really needed". Can anyone suggest me, why this ommision is sought ?? Any alternate approach for this ???

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    RE: SMS general question: CSmsSettings class


    The CSmsSettigns class is needed when creating the SMS from scratch "by hand".
    The alternative is to use CSendAs to create the message (and save). This results as a new message in the Drafts folder. By calling iSendAs->ClientMtm() you can get a hold on the CBaseMtm instance operating on the created message entry. Once you have this, you can move the message to Outbox and schedule it for sending as it is done in the GDSMS example. Moving and sending does not need the SmsSettings class anymore.

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