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Thread: 'Stealth' apps?

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    'Stealth' apps?

    Hi, i'm quite new in Symbian C++, got a few question about developing an apps that run behind the screen for 60 series phone, like a screensaver....

    1) can i make my apps to run automatically when the phone is on???
    2) is it possible to catch ALL the events generated by users, such as key pressed, incoming calls, etc?? i'd seen the System_Initiated_Events docs.... but i can't get the picture of capturing them.... any clues on this??
    3) is it possible to execute an embedded apps on the phone through my apps?
    4) is there any API documentation here that i can use as reference?? i mean the whole set like the java API reference...

    Thanx in advance!!


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    you can start an app on phone switch on using a recognizer
    You can also capture keypresses in a symbian exe which runs in the background as it has no UI. Look at RWindow and RWindowGroup

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