I've have such code
<input accesskey="1" name="s_text" value="Ä"/>
<anchor accesskey="2" title="Select">Select
<go cache-control="no-cache" href="letters.asp" method="get">
<postfield name="cp" value="cyr"/>
<postfield name="dir" value="gr"/>
<postfield name="source" value="$(s_text:unesc)"/>

I use Nokia Mobile Browser 4.0 for testing code.

I have a problem when I try to send a value from mobile as a
part of URL such as http://abc.com?cp=cyr&dir=gr&text=%25C4

I've got cp=cyr&dir=gr&text=%25C4 instead of cp=cyr&dir=gr&text=%26%23196%3B

I've tried to use "noesc" and "escape" but result was the same.

I've tried to use
<input accesskey="1" name="s_text" value="&amp;#196;"/>
but Nokia Mobile Browser transform it to
<input accesskey="1" name="s_text" value="Ä"/>

I found information about it by "Google" and search forums but I've found nothing.

Help me, please! How can I get right URL string?