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Thread: PC connectivity

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    PC connectivity


    I want to develop communication software without using AT commands and Nokia Pc connectivity SDK. Is it possible??

    Thanks in advance

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    RE: PC connectivity

    I am writing to enquire about using infra-red device to transmit ringing tone, graphic editing, scheduling etc. Although I have downloaded the software named Nokia PC Suite 4 and followed the guideline given by your web site. Also, my infra-red device complies with your specified requirement FIR support. As a result, there was no response the software to detect my Nokia 8310 but the infra-red device is activated and working in normal operation and showing on startup bar. I wonder why the Nokia PC Suite 4 the official software cannot detect my Nokia phone. Please kindly advise us know what can I do and other advanced suggestion you should have regarding the infra-red transimission. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    For information, herebelow listed the information of my computer and using software.

    Handheld phone model: Nokia 8310
    Computer software used: Windows XP
    Communicatin software used: Nokia PC Suite 4
    Infra-red device: IrDA/USB Bridge, brand name is BLAZE, device driver SigmaTel USB-IrDA Adapter
    Manu: SigmaTel, Inc.

    Thank you in advance for anyone giving me the best method.

    Thanks a lot.

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