I have a Nokia 6230 and currently I'm subscribed to an MMS-service from T-Mobile. Every goal or highlight in the Euro 2004 (Portugal) matches for The Netherlands is sent to me in a 3GP-file via MMS.

When I want to play this video (saved or not saved yet) it says "Operation failed" and the phone reboots (never seen that before...).

Also, when I download the file to my computer and try to view this 3GP-file with the Nokia Multimedia Player (v1.1), only sound is played. However, QuickTime Player plays the full video!

Also, I send it to a colleague's phone (Nokia 6600) via bluetooth and also on his phone it works!

What can be wrong to my phone or that 3GP-file?

I think we can conclude the 3GP-file is ok, maybe a strange format or something? Why won't it play on my Nokia 6230?