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    how to get text from an editor

    hi ,
    i am writing an app which has a dialog.the dialog has a label and one text editor(EDWIN). i have declared this in .rss file.
    iam able to enter text when i run the app.NOw i want my program to get whatever the user types in that editor box.
    how to do that...also if anyone has tips on using ceikedwin classes.
    please help
    thanks in advance.

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    there is good example of using editors in series 60 SDK. The CEikEdwin & other editors are very well documented & all headers can be found from include folder.

    Have you also tried to search this forum, there is plenty of good answers readily available, all you need to do is search a bit.

    just making this fuss over the questions, since if you would have just spend a minute to look into the documentation you would have find your answer by your self, and basically good programming skills include good informations searching skills, so you could do some praticing on this.


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