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    College project: RSS via WAP?

    Id appreciate any suggestions anyone could give me:

    Ive got a 4th year project to do next year.
    It has to be "non-trivial".
    I want to do something that i havent covered yet in my course.
    all we have done in java is desktop stuff and some basic applets.

    it seems to be that there is some similarity between wml and rss,
    even though im not very familiar with either ( yet )
    it seems fairly plausable to me that one could get rss feeds via a wap enabled mobile.

    I havent done any web programming before so im not too sure what technologies
    i should be researching.

    from thinking about it it seems like there should be a web app that can be interfaced
    via the mobile that will relay the rss feed in the wml format.

    either the user would enter the address of a feed into a text box to the phone and submit to the web app
    or else browse a list of feeds and choose one to view.

    my main question is to do with the server side stuff.
    im fairly sure ill be able to figure out how to parse the rss and
    convert it to wml etc.

    im just wondering what i need to do to get the web app up.

    could it be some sort of a java server page that the phone accesses and the name of the feed is passed in via
    a parameter in the url?

    or will i not be using java server pages at all?

    i have looked at something called tomcat that seems to be used with web apps,
    should i use this?
    can i use it on my home pc or would i need some sort of a server?
    also came accross something called enhydra?

    i know this is a pretty convoluted post.
    and its probably all wrong and stuff.

    Im not looking for anyone to give me algorithms or anything,
    im just wondering what technologies i should be researching.

    Thank you guys for any help you can give me.


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    Worthy project

    Inspire you

    Use Mark pilgrim's feedparser
    Output compliant valid XHTML to a certain limit.

    It will take me about a weekend to do it. Should be a worthwhile 4th year project

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