Does anybody has any idea of how to create two window view in an applications ( like in 9200 or 9500)? Here is some useful info on window views. But I am unable to figures out how to do it?

Only the active, selected window has a frame and a drop shadow. Also, if needed, the active window is emphasized by the title bar, which resides only in the active frame . The inactive window's title is black and has a Title line underneath. The selection bar is visible only in the active window. In some cases, selection of the inactive window needs to be indicated, and then the selection bar is a simple frame with a white background. This occurs, for example, when one list item is selected on the left window and its content is presented in the right window and the right window is activated and the selection bar resides on the right window. The width of the left window depends on the view. At maximum it takes half of the Application Area, but preferably should be narrower (minimum one-third of the Application Area). The width of the details window (that is, the right window) depends on the CBA. The margins are 4 pixels to the Application Area borders. The space between windows is 7 pixels.