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    Displaying large amounts of text?


    I'm making a test application, which should display large amounts of text, straight from a server, which will come "dynamically".

    Now the question is, which control would be the best choise for printing such kind of text & textformat?

    A project created by AppWizard uses CEikLabels, but I found that it has some non-suitable properties e.g. fontsize, draws text over the screen(Meaning, that if you got a long string, you'll probably see only maybe 8 characters, otheres are printed "outside" of the screen).

    I'm sure that there is chance to adjust those properties, but how? Or is there any better controls?

    (I couldn't find any useful information from SDK or from internet)

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    Try CEikEdwin, or other editors. Good source of information is the editor example which is fully documented in series 60 SDK help.


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