I can't find an official way of bug reporting, so I post it here. Hope someone will handle it.

I would like to report this problems in Series 90 SDK v1.0 beta 2

CCknSkinBase::ReloadL() makes the emulator crashed.
For the same skin, it can be loaded successfully at start up.

CCoeEnv::InstallFepL() cannot unload the built-in FEP successfully.
Test case: New a document in "Word" application and typing with a built-in FEP, say, "vkbfep.fep". Then switch to a simple fep loader and run InstallFepL(_L("")). Then switch back to Word. The CCoeControl of the built-in FEP (i.e. the virtual keyboard) is not destructed and still functioning but not stable (causing crashing after some events).

compile errors when include <eikspane.h>
workaround: using eikspane.h of Series 80. And also need to copy a number of missing .h files from series 80

Thanks a lot!