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    Audio Player / MMAPI Class

    In the following code snippet :

    ByteArrayInputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(dataBuffer);
    Player player = Manager.createPlayer(in, "audio/x-wav");

    I create a .wav file samples on the fly and feed them to the data buffers. The problem i am facing is :
    I have to prepend the .wav header each time to the data samples i generate. Also, I have to close the player and create a new player instance each time the buffer is switched...as a result i am getting a discontinuous song with horrible time latency...

    1) Is there a way by which I can just feed the .wav header just once and keep on filling the buffer with just the data samples later on ?
    2) Is there a way in which I dont have to close and create a new player each time ? Can this problem be overcome by having 2 Players and switching between them ?

    Please help

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    The implementation you're running your application reads the whole content in when you initialise the Player.

    Recycling Player objects is not possible so you must create a new one for each sample. prefetch the Player right after the initialisation to minimize the delay between the previous Player stopping and the next one starting.

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