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Thread: Logo format

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    Logo format

    What is meaning of MCC(Mobile Country Code)..
    If in logo format 14 and 15th octet value is 42 F4 then what does it means ..
    What is (filled with F16').
    if our mobile no is +919826124563 then ,will MCC value be 91 .. please clear my confusion ..

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    RE: Logo format


    every country has it's own MCC-code, which is not the same as the country code, when dialing an international call.

    Also, every operator has an MNC-code. With these codes the phone knows which network the logo is ment for.

    If you would like a list of the MNC and MCC codes, I think I have one stored some where on my old hard drive, but it's some years back I got it so if there are new operators I don't have data for them.

    - Olli Nokso-Koivisto

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