I have a PPC (Pocket PC) and GPRS enabled NOKIA phone with Bluetooth. My application wants to listen to another bluetooth enabled device (in this case PPC) running on NOKIA Phone. Is there a way to capture the communication between a PPC and NOKIA Phone.

Let me be more clear. My PPC has some application running and NOKIA Phone has another application. PPC and NOKIA are both bluetooth enabled. I know that PPC application tries to communicate with NOKIA's application through bluetooth using certain rules. The problem that I am facing is that I don't know when the communication is initiated by PPC application, for example, when a send button is clicked on PPC application, some data is passed on to NOKIA phone. What I want is that whenever bluetooth on my NOKIA receives something from PPC application, I want to display it on to my NOKIA based application.

In order for that to be happening I should be listening to certain event which is always fired when bluetooth receives something. I have no idea of how to capture such an event. If anybody of you have any solutions regarding this matter, please help me out.