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    not able to see the DRM content published by toolkit


    i have installed NMIT40_Starter_Pack in which i configured gateway and trying to creat forward lock DRM message.
    After creating forward lock message for one gif image content,i tried to download this on nokia mobile browser simulator through apache webserver .But it is not showing the contents.It shows some junk text.

    i'm not able to figure out what will be the problem
    is i need to do some setting on browser for encoding./


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    Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator does not support DRM. Please use the Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 SDK, which is based on the Nokia 6230 phone to test out your DRM protected content. Also use the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1 which has integrated DRM editors allowing you to create all three kinds of DRM 1.0 messages, namely Forward Lock, Combined Delivery and Separate Delivery.


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