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    Capability Negotiation


    I was looking at the WAP-206-MMSCTR.pdf where a UAProf sample is given in xml format.
    It is having some MMS Attributes MmsMaxMessageSize , MmsCcppAccept etc...

    My doubt is where can i get the binary encoding for these attributes, like how we have encoding for Push , Software, hardware.. etc.. characteristics in WAP-UAProf Specification.

    Once the encoding of the UAProf is done, how an MMS Client will pass the info??
    Somewhere it is said that the Client will pass the URL of the UAProf file.
    But how can a phone store the file and provide a link for the UAProf file, since a phone is not something similar to a server to do this.
    Is there any way to store the UAProf file in some http server of the phone's service provider and send the link as UAProf link??.
    But are there any service providers who providing this facility??
    How exactly this is being done in phones which are in the market??.
    In wsp there is also a Capability Negotiation which define client sdu size etc. what's the difference between this Capability Negotiation and wsp Capability Negotiation??? is there any relationship of them??

    Plz let me know abt it...

    Thanx in advance

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    best way to get good understanding of UAProf is to read these two docs:

    - Introduction to User Agent Profile, available at www.forum.nokia.com/documents
    - OMA User Agent Profile specification, available at www.openmobilealliance.org


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    Hi Satu

    Thanks for your answer Satu
    I've read it but i still can't understand it well . It is still not completely clear to me what happens at which place . how to build and send it? what's the relationship between mms negotiation and wsp negotiation ? ...

    Any comments or advice would be welcome.


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    how to get device profile

    hi ,
    I want to know how to get the device profile from the device.
    Can someone tell me what exactly I need to do inorder to get the device profile.

    I learned that there will some session headers in URL ....
    but i dont know how to get the header information.

    I also dont know what to install and what not to...

    can somebody help this out......

    Thank You

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    The best way to get the capabilities of the device is to read UAProfs. Manufacturers deliver UAProfs on their web sites. For example Nokia provides them in the the device specifications section of Forum Nokia:


    There is also a specific header for the Url of the UAProf but not all devices use it. The Openwave SDK for example uses it:


    If a device is calling your application you are able to read header information with the used web application language, e. g. ASP.NET (VB.NET or C#) or PHP.
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