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    3650 specific problem with 3gp downloaded via WAP

    Note: I already searched Forum Nokia for this problem. I found that problems similiar to this one have already been posted, but they have never been complete or absolutely adequate.

    The problem: I'm sending a WAP Push link to a Nokia 3650. It points to a 3GP video. The download is successful, the phone starts the Real Player afterwards. But the Real Player reports that the file type is not supported. I choose to save the file, and the default suggested file name is "r_avp_overriden_app_name" (exactly (mis-)spelled like this - please note that the suffix is missing). Before saving, I give the file the new name "test.3gp". Then, I close the Real Player, open it again, load the "test.3gp" file, and it can be played without problems. This proves that the transmitted data is indeed correct.

    Facts worth noticing:
    - Exactly the same video (with the same WAP Push message) works without problems on the Nokia 6600 and on other phones
    - The content type gets delivered correctly as "video/3gp" to the phone

    This is why I am sure that this problem is 3650 specific. I have the suspicion that the 3650 software might have a hard-to-find bug leading to this kind of behaviour.

    I would be grateful for any suggestions!

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    Have you tried with download with the correct MIME, which is video/3gpp, not video/3gp?

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