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    SIS File Error when installing a theme from Theme Studio

    I've downloaded the Theme Studio for Series 60 in order to use it with a 7650 phone.

    The program does not support immediate transferes via blue tooth so in order to install the theme to the phone, I saved it to the hard disc and tried to install it using Nokia's PC Suite.

    I followed the steps, but when the critical data transfere part came I got the -rude- message "File compatible with phone".

    Now comes the tricky part... I also own a Sony Ericsson P800 wich runs on Symbian also, and I have installed Ericsson's PC Suite on the same machine (before Nokia Suite).

    I do not think that this affects Theme Studio's SIS File, but then again i can't be sure...

    I know beyond any doubt, and have ensured of course that the blue tooth is connected to 7650 device... But the fact that no one else has posted such a problem, makes me think that there is something wrong with my setup...

    What's wrong? Anyone any ideas?

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    SIS File Error when installing a theme from Theme Studio


    I think that Ericssons PC Data Suite could not have corrupted the Theme Studio sis file since these are two completely different things. The Theme Studio works only for Series 60 and not for UIQ which is in use on Sony Ericsson's phone.

    Regards, Aljaz

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