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    Trying To Connect N6610 with pc error automation error

    hi nokia guys,
    as i am using nokia 6610 to connect with pc. for which i installed dku 5 driver and sdk 3.0.but when i call SMSSend.Send(ShortMsg) this function it shows "Automation error
    Unspecified error" with err number "-2147467259 ".so please help me to overcome out of this problem.as immediately response. is reuqired.
    for reference i am enclosing my code also
    Dim Phonebook As PhonebookAdapterDS3.PhonebookSuite3
    Dim Phonebook2 As PhonebookAdapterDS3.IPhonebook2
    Dim WithEvents PhoneInfoEvents As STTNGS3A_SLib.PhoneInfo_Suite3
    Public WithEvents InfoAdapter As STTNGS3A_SLib.PhoneInfo_Suite3
    Private MemoryType As PhonebookAdapterDS3.PhonebookMemory
    Private SMSSend As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter
    Public puSMS_SuiteAdapter As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter
    Private WithEvents SMSNotify As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim devN As STTNGS3A_SLib.DevNotifyOpt
    Dim ShortMsg As SMS3ASuiteLib.ShortMessage
    Set Phonebook = New PhonebookAdapterDS3.PhonebookSuite3
    Set Phonebook2 = New PhonebookAdapterDS3.PhonebookSuite3
    Set PhoneInfoEvents = New STTNGS3A_SLib.PhoneInfo_Suite3
    'PhoneInfoEventsSuite.get_DeviceStatus (devN)
    If devN = ATTACHED Then
    bAttached = True
    End If
    If devN = REMOVED Then
    bAttached = False
    End If
    Set puSMS_SuiteAdapter = New SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter
    Call puSMS_SuiteAdapter.StartListeningEvents
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    'assign an object reference to a COM class
    Set SMSSend = New SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter
    'create the message
    Set ShortMsg = SMSSend.CreateShortMsg
    'message body
    ShortMsg.UserDataText = "Just testing my new Nokia Suite"
    'destination number
    ShortMsg.OtherEndAddress = "+919868048813"
    'short message center number
    ShortMsg.SCAddress = "+919810051914"
    ' "+919810051914"
    'send the message
    Call SMSSend.Send(ShortMsg)
    'avoid error handler
    Exit Sub
    'error handling routine
    Dim SMSError As NmpAdapterError
    SMSError = SMSSend.GetLastError
    Select Case SMSError
    Case errPhoneNotConnected
    MsgBox "Error: The phone is not connected. "
    Case Else
    'handle other situations here
    MsgBox Err.Description & " " & Err.Number
    End Select
    End Sub
    Private Sub ShowMemory()
    Call Phonebook.GetMemoryInUse(MemoryType)
    End Sub
    Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
    'release the reference
    Set SMSSend = Nothing
    End Sub

    Private Sub InfoAdapter_BatteryNotify(ByVal bLevel As Long, ByVal bCharging As Boolean)
    If bLevel = 1 Then
    MsgBox "Battery is almost empty. Connect it to a charger."
    End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub InfoAdapter_DeviceNotify(ByVal val As STTNGS3A_SLib.DevNotifyOpt)
    If val = REMOVED Then
    MsgBox "Phone device is not connected " & _
    "to the system. Exiting..."
    End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub PhoneInfoEvents_DeviceNotify(ByVal val As STTNGS3A_SLib.DevNotifyOpt)
    'response to be added later if needed
    Select Case val
    bAttached = True
    bAttached = False
    Case REMOVED
    bAttached = False
    Case UNKNOWN
    bAttached = False
    End Select

    End Sub

    Private Sub SMSNotify_ShortMsgReceived(ByVal SMSMemory As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_MEMORY_LOCATION, ByVal index As Long, ByVal pSMS As SMS3ASuiteLib.IShortMessage)
    MsgBox "Message from " & pSMS.OtherEndAddress
    End Sub

    Private Sub SMSNotify_ShortMsgSent(ByVal pSMS As SMS3ASuiteLib.IShortMessage)
    MsgBox "Short message sent to " & pSMS.OtherEndAddress
    End Sub

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    Re: Trying To Connect N6610 with pc error automation error


    did u find any solution for your problem...am in same also facing the same problem can u help??

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    Re: Trying To Connect N6610 with pc error automation error

    I encourage you to use SHORTMSGADAPTER component defined in Extensive component library specification instead the older one (which you are using) SMS3ASUITELIB. Please also take a look of many of the examples provided in the Extensive CL spec and in this Discussion Board around the issues about sending SMSs. I am sure that you are able to overcome the problem by using these two sources.

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    Re: Trying To Connect N6610 with pc error automation error


    Did u find any way to solve the issue, i tried shortmsgadapter but it still throws the same error, No Phone connected and more over i dont know the service centre no. How to find the service centre no. plz help me
    if there is any code snippet plz mail me to maha1974@yahoo.com
    thanks in advance

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    Re: Trying To Connect N6610 with pc error automation error

    Even I Am Facing The Same Problem Only Difference Is I Am Using N6681
    Pls Even Send Me Solution For The Same At jay_sapani@yahoo.com

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