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    Canvas: Left key is -7, right key is -6 and middle key is -5 in all phones?


    Before MIDP 2.0, Canvas can't show full screen. And Nokia UI provides FullCanvas for us to do so. And this class has 3 static final variable: KEY_SOFTKEY1, KEY_SOFT_KEY2 and KEY_SOFTKEY3.

    But MIDP 2.0's Canvas has no any variables to specify the soft keys.

    But according to Series 60 Developer Platform 2.0: Specification v1.0 (http://www.forum.nokia.com/Forum/Com...ZlbiUyRXBkZg==) from www.forum.nokia.com.

    Page 77:
    Left soft key, -6, "Left soft key" or left soft-key symbol
    Right soft key, -7, "Right soft key" or right soft-key symbol
    Middle soft key, -5, "Select", "Middle soft key" or similar symbol

    I did try in Nokia emulators / real phones. -6, -7 and -5 can work for representing the 3 soft keys.
    And it's same in WTK 2.1 / 2.2 emulators.

    Can I conclude like that:
    -7, -6 and -5 are fixed to stand for 3 soft keys in all MIDP compatible devices ?

    Please advice me.


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