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    bluetooth ptp problem with cleanup stack

    Hi all,
    I'm faced with strange problem.
    I'm writing an application, which sends files via bluetooth. I'm using the bluetooth ptp example. And when I'm opening file and pushing it into cleanup stack I can't send message. My app is being closed by system. But if I don't pushing it into stack it works fine. Anybody have ideas?

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    the cleanup stack shouldn't really interfere with the BT sending process, so there is propably some other problem with it.

    anyway one good way to find out what goes wrong is to go here:http://www.newlc.com/article.php3?id_article=150

    and get the error shown correctly, so when your applications closes with error you could check the SDK docs for information of that error and if you don't find help there, then post it here and we'll try figuring out it for you.


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