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    Disabling the Screen Saver...

    How do you disable the screen saver from going off during long pauses in the game..

    For instance, it takes me a good twenty seconds to initialise all my game data, and I have an thread driving "please wait" screen, but during it the screen keeps going dark.

    I've got another game on the phone that doesn't have this issue so I guess its possible...

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    I quess this works in most devices, although not in all developer platform 2.0 devices:

    (From http://forum.nokia.com/usability )


    There is no way for a MIDP 1.0 application to know the status of the backlight, but it is possible to turn it on with DeviceControl.setLights. The game should turn the light on every 14 seconds.

    To prevent excessive battery consumption:

    Approximately a minute should go by before the applicaiton allows the phone to turn the light off. Consider not using automatic backlights in all states of the game. (For example, allow backlight to go off when game is paused)

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    jamespodesta - did you manage to figure out how to disable the screen saver from your Java app?


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    Re: Disabling the Screen Saver...

    Hi all, does anybody know how to turn off screen saver on nokia 6670?
    on nokia 6680 we can achieve this by setting phone/standby mode
    but on 6670, this feature is not exist, except to make the screen saver time out longer (up to 30 mins)

    I know there's a way : user::inActivity.....
    but I may not use the light feature to achieve this....so.....I'm totally blank

    I really need your help on this...
    I use SYmbian C++

    thank you


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