Hi All,

I am doing a research paper on the Market for Address Book synchronization market.

There are basically 3 ways to backup your contact list.

1) Copy all the information to your Sim Card and put it into the new phone.

2) Use Local Data Synchronization meaning using a Cable, Bluetooth or I.R. to update your phone via computer with a software.

3) Use Online Data Synchronization through SMS, GPRS and other online method to download the contact information.

If anyone show me research information on this subject, it would be greatly appreciated.

Information includes but not limited to
1) How much money consumer spent on this?
2) Projection on future spending
3) Who are the Big 5 for Local Data Synchronization?
4) What are their market share?
5) Who are the Big 5 for Online Data Synchronization?
6) What are their market share?
7) any information that is related to this subject.

I would prefer the research information to be free, it can be links to Newspaper article, Journals, CTIA publication or any credible source of information. Even your own words if you have something to say, the more information, the better!!

There are bound to be people that are knowledgable in this subject, so please post a reply.

Thank you in advance.