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    Development for Nokia Digital Pen SU-1B

    Hello :-)

    I work at a University where we plan to use a digital pen for an exam. We would very much like to ensure that students don't switch pens. Elaboration: We have a number of identical pens (Nokia) and would like to make sure that each pen can be used on one single computer only. The pens each have a unique pen ID and possibly serial nr. that is can be read by software (the software control panel of the pen does this).

    Question 1: Do you know of any existing software that might accomplish this task?

    Question 2: If not, what available tools and SDKs are the for the Digital Pen? I only managed to find the anoto stuff which appears very expensive (1000$+). And where might I find protocol / other specs for the pen allowing me to code the stuff myself.

    thank you very much for your help - any comments regarding the problem are very welcome :-)

    Jacob Thamsborg

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    Hi Jacob,

    information on the Anoto development tools that enables you to develop a PC application can be found here:


    The API in the Anoto PC SDK will expose the pen ID for your application.

    Magnus Hollström
    Anoto AB

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    Warning to all potential buyers of a digital pen...
    If you plan to use it for yourself, at home or at work, forget about it: ANOTO will charge a few 1000s $ to enable you to design & print the most basic form!
    So, for serious personal use it is almost useless.

    It is a shame to sell the pen without a minimum of useful software. I regret to have paid for it.

    Alain C. Reis

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