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    Making ringtones for a 6600 on a Macintosh

    I would like to create custom sound files on my computer and use them as ringtones on a 6600.

    I would use the PC Suite software but I am using a Macintosh (OSX 10.3 Panther).

    I feel that if I can just convert my audio files to a compatible format, I should be able to transfer them via bluetooth and use them as ringtones.

    I can sucsessfully transfer 3gp & wav audio files via Bluetooth and the files play as expected from the 6600's built in player. My problem is that once the files are transfered to the Ringtones folder on the 6600 (making them available in the ringtones list - profiles/personalise/ringing tone) the sound doesn't play.

    Nokia tier 2 Tech Support was unable to resolve this issue after 2 hours of conversation.
    The only outcome of the conversation was that Nokia uses AAC files for the 6600 audio codec.

    Using Quicktime to produce an AAC audio file yields a file with a .3gp extension and not an aac. The .3gp files -does- transfer and play in the phone but as I said before - it does not play audio when selected from the ringtones list. Very odd.

    Sorry for the long question. I would appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

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    It seems that the Nokia phone only understands *.aac files without the 3GP or MP4 container as ring tones , so you would have to extract the AAC bitstream from these containers first before copying them to the phone.

    I don't know if the Nokia Multimedia Convertor has such a file demuxer for either of the two formats, but you could also try to produce a *.mp4 file with QuickTime (or *.m4a with iTunes) and then use a command line MP4 file muxer like mp4creator (from the MPEG4IP project) or MP4Box (from the GPAC project) to extract the *.aac file. I think there is even a Mac OS X binary of the MPEG4IP tools including mp4creator available on RareWares.org.

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