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    Audio playback during data calls

    I saw a posting a while ago that suggested you can't play sound from your application while in a data call, and testing the built-in sound player application seems to bear this out (you get a message saying as much).

    The question is, is this just a limitation of the sound player app or a more general restriction?

    I want to stream audio from the internet (ie. during a data call) - this will obviously be difficult if the user has to disconnect before they can listen to it!

    Thanks in advance for any assistance,


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    RE: Audio playback during data calls

    Hi Andrew,

    The feature you would like to implement is only enabled in Nokia Communicator 9210i/9290/9210c. This means that you can play audio file, stream audio from the Internet during a data call. The restriction is on the hardware that the previous model N9210 does not support this feature and so it cannot be upgraded either by any software.

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