Hi all,
I'm tring to run an application that uses view architecture and has two views:
viewA has a container with a listbox;
viewB has a container with a form.

The first view displayed to the user is viewA: through the listbox the user can select an item.
If the user select a particular option the app has to switch view and display the one containing the form (viewB).

Well, I can switch between views, but I can't display the form.
In the form container there's a method DisplayFormL(TInt aResourceId) that diplays the form.
So I can diplay the form calling this method after the method DoActivateL of viewB has terminated, for instance when the user select a viewB menu command.

Anyway this isn't the way I want the app works, because I want the form displays directly when the view is activated, without selecting any menu command.

The situation I've when I switch view is this: I can see the old view (viewA) in the background a little bit dimmed and the new view (viewB) buttons only.

I think it's a problem with forms, because with other controls(i.e. listboxes) the app works and switches between views.

The last thing: I based my code on Series 60 forms SDk example.

I hope someone could answer to this post, I tried to solve this problem but I couldn't find a solution.
Thanks in advance.