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    Delivering content with MMSC library

    Can someone clarify how it's possible to use the NMSS Java API to actually send content to a mobile phone programmatically.

    Using the 1.3 Library examples, both the mm7 service and the eaif require an MMSCURL property to connect to. There doesn't seem to be a list of MMSCURLs by carrier available and as I understand it, carriers are not consistently supporting forwards from other carriers until the 3gpp initiative takes off.

    It seems I would need an MMSC Service Provider much as there are currently for SMS. Are there such services available or is the NMSS library simply a tool of future practicallity ?

    If so, can anyone point me in the direction of info on the delivery mechanism used by CDMA carriers like SprintPCS here in America ? They seem to send a one time link by SMS allowing download of the content over http through the phones browser.

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    The library allows you to send MMS to a device programmatically, but only if you have a connection to a live MMSC. So in this case, unless you have an agreement with an operator to connect to their MMSC, you cannot actually send out an MMS to a live device.

    There is however an emulator server that comes with the whole NMSS SDk that you can test your code with. Do read the documentation in more detail.

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    Thanks for answering the question.

    I actually read the documentation in detail but did not come away with this tidbit that agreement with a carrier is a presupposition for using this API.

    I found the documentation to be written poorly and not very illuminating. The same is true for the examples which do not work properly and have been a source of confusion for many developers on this forum.

    Even at Rev. 1.3 it appears that the examples and documentation have simply been thrown together at some time with little thought. I'd suggest looking at SUN's Java API releases for an example of well thought out set of artifacts.

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