Hi all,
I am using CAknSearchField to search the items in CAknSingleStyleListBox, when we search for items it is displaying 4 items, but I need to display 5 items in the listbox, inorder to make it possible I want to remove the border of the searchfield, is it possible to do so? or else is there any other way to decrease the height of each listbox item.......
I have written the following code in ConstructL of the container which I am using.

CEikTextListBox * ListBox ;
ListBox = new ( ELeave ) CAknSingleStyleListBox( );
iListBox->SetContainerWindowL( *this );
iListBox->ConstructL( this, 0 );

CAknFilteredTextListBoxModel* model =
STATIC_CAST( CAknFilteredTextListBoxModel*, iListBox->Model() );
CAknSearchField::TSearchFieldStyle style(
CAknSearchField *iFindbox = CAknSearchField::NewL( *iListBox,style,NULL,20 );
model->CreateFilterL( iListBox, iFindbox );

iFindbox->MakeVisible( ETrue );

I will be very thankful if anybody can help in this issue..

thanks and regards,