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    amr[amr-nb] and true tones[amr-wb]

    I am abit confused. I wonder what are the major differences besides one is narrow band and other is wide band and their different extensions. I notice nokia states that wide band ones are true tones but isn't nb same being a true tone? As it can record sounds live? Then what do true tone really means? Then nokia 6230 cannot support true tone but amr as ringtone?

    Can someone please enlighten me alittle thanks.

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    There's quite a good document available about True Tones in Forum Nokia. Nokia 6230 doesn't support AMR-WB ie. True Tones. True Tones are supported in Nokia 3300, 6260, 6600, 6630 and in 7610.

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    Re: amr[amr-nb] and true tones[amr-wb]

    Any other information on Amr WB? Does is work better for recording volume and playback on Series 40 3rd edition phones?

    Please help if you know or have ideas for solutions.

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