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    Setup Default Access Point for j2me 2.0 midlet


    Is there a way to setup default access point for j2me 2.0 midlet?

    I have my midlet signed and successfully deploy on Nokia 6600, but when it tries to establish a network connection, it prompts user for "Access Point". Is there a way to setup the default on the phone so that it does not ask me every time?

    Thank you.

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    to get default access point

    hi i recently started to learn j2me and have develop midlet that make connection to www site and get code.
    I have sign it and deploy it on 6600 but every time it ask for access point

    if you have solved problem then please give me some advise.

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    I suppose there is no way to prevent such situation at all, but at least it is possible to reduce an amount of such requests. Go to application manager, select your application, then click on "Options" and select "Settings". It is possible to change settings for "Network access" and "Connectivity" to "Ask first time". Unfortunately, it is not possible to set default access point there.

    Hope this helps.

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    Your are right, looks it is impossible to set default access point in
    the setting page.

    In 7610, maybe there is some change on access point, because my Midlet app does not pop up access points selection form at all, so I face another problem: how to choose a access point? I believe My Midlet app is using one access point from the system access points, however, I do not know which one it is using and do not know how to change the access point.

    Pls help if anybody has a idea on it,

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