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    what SDK must I use with 6225?

    I'd like to know which SDK I should use with my nokia cam/cel 6225 that I'm sure that it'll work at the celular?

    other related question: I've read a lot about 40 series, 60 series... which series is 6225?

    thanks a lot for your help

    Emerson Cargnin
    Florianópolis / Brazil

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    Re: what SDK must I use with 6225?

    6225 is the 40 Series Platform one, which uses MIDP 1 (while S40/S60 platform two uses MIDP 2). I read that the 7210 SDK is compatable with MIDP 1.0, and therefore should be compatable with the 6225

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    Re: what SDK must I use with 6225?

    You could read more detailed info of 6255 in Device details page of Forum Nokia.http://forum.nokia.com/main/0,,018-2...tml?model=6225

    Since its a S40 1st Ed phone you could use Nokia 7210 MIDP SDK 1.0


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