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    Problems serving WAP content from IIS

    I have recently bought a Nokia 3510 mobile 'phone with a WAP browser built in, and wanted to be able to use it to connect to my computer, running Windows 2000 Professional with IIS installed, in order to download files to the 'phone.

    I have configured everything within IIS as described at the IISFAQ website (http://www.iisfaq.com/Articles/152/) and tried at first to connect through Klondike and WAPJAG (http://virtual.wapjag.com/). In both cases it connected fine and returned the contents of my pretty-much-empty .wml file.

    When I try to connect on my 'phone, though, I just get a message saying "File format unknown." The 'phone then disconnects. It's not a problem with the WAP configuration as far as I can see because I can browser other sites without any problems.

    The actual .wml file I have on my site contains the following text (in case that's relevant to the problem):

    <?xml version="1.1"?>

    I am connecting using the IP address of my computer, as I have dynamic IP address allocation and so cannot set a DNS to point at my PC. I am checking the address is correct each time I try to access it via the 'phone though.

    Can anyone give me any clues as to why this isn't working on my phone?

    My thanks in advance,


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    RE: Problems serving WAP content from IIS

    Ah, I believe I have resolved this now. Using the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit I was able to determine that the response type was coming back as text/html instead of text/vnd.wap.wml. With a little ASP and a small change to the .wml file I now have this working. Now on to the next challenge...

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