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    SIM functionality access ( SRES/Kc)

    I have a Nokia D211 Card with me along with the software and the documentation ( Copyright Nokia corporation 2002). I wanted to try out a few things with the same :

    1) I need to access data on the SIM, i.e. read the different files on the SIM. In the "Administrator" Tab there is a "SIM Card" Tab which should help me with the same. But the "Files on SIM Card" box is always empty.

    2) I need to use/access the authentication procedure provided by the SIM card (Using the program/algorithms on it), wherein I would input a random number to th SIM and get the Key Kc and SRES as the output.
    How can I access this functionality using D211?
    Is there some developer access wherein I can do the same ?

    Another thing, I want to do this on prefferably windows or Linux operating system.

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    Please take a look at the Nokia D211 SDK. The SIM service set has been described there. SDK provides a development interface for making own applications based on the functionality of D211. The SDK is available for download in Forum Nokia.

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    Nokia D211 Support

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