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    newby question

    Hi everyone!

    I want to make my MIDlet communicate with a Server on the Internet. Now my Question:

    Do I have to use the HTTP Protocol to communicate with the server ? So i would have to write my Server-Programm with JSP, PHP....

    Or do I have the possibility to connect from the MIDlet via a Socket to a Java-Programm on the Server that is listening on a specific port so I don't have to face the HTTP overhead ??

    Are non HTTP communications (TCP/IP sockets) supported by all Nokia java enabled cell phones ?

    Thank you so much!

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    No. the only thing they all support is HTTP. Sockets are something that are availble on few enough phones and unless you are doing something that cant be done with HTTP dont try to avoid it. You reduce your potential market down to a handful of phone models.

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