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    Ringingtone Command part 1

    at the end of the ringtones we are adding filler bits
    what is filler bits..and why we are adding here ..as in ringing-tone-programming which is command-part 1 we are adding there also filler bits .. why at positions we are adding this ..
    Please clearify it ..

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    RE: Ringingtone Command part 1

    When a message is sent to a mobile it is sent using a hex format. The message data is converted so that every two hex numbers represent a 8 bit binary value. A24F62 would be converted into 10100010(A2)1001111(4F)1100010(62).

    Filler bits are used, so that the message (in binary) can be converted into hex for sending and vise versa for the mobile phone. To do this the binary data has to be divisional by 8, filler bit are used to do this. So if the original message was

    1010001010 (10 chars, is NOT divisional by 8)

    With filler bits:
    1010001010000000 (16 chars, IS divisional by 8)

    The last one presented here can then be converted into hex to send to a mobile.

    - Olli Nokso-Koivisto

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