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    Urgent!!! AIFBUILDER generate file error

    Using Aifbuilder in order to generate the files for the application and pressing " generated " verification an error: " files cannot be
    generated - error occurred creating the AIF file. Check that
    aiftool.exe is accessible and that you environment variable EPOCROOT is defined correctly ". I have verified the environment variable and aiftool.exe is usable from dos.
    Please help me.
    bty : my win2000 os is installed in D:\winnt
    Thanks in advance!


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    RE: Urgent!!! AIFBUILDER generate file error

    I have the same problem, like it is displaying an error "check the aifbuilder.jar" though the path is correct and file is there too. First time I used that and it was working fine for me, even I ran my application on emulator but next time neither application nor aifbuilder is working. I don't know why it is happening may be because of the evaluation software. Please reply if you have any solution.

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